Thứ Ba, 2 tháng 1, 2018

Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3.v3.0.3

New :
– MIDI files can now be dragged to the result area in Grooves, provided that a single path is selected within the User MIDI folder.
– More tooltips have been added in the grid editor.

Fixed :

– Selecting certain sounds from certain libraries (in Search for Instrument, for example) could cause a crash.
– The Tap2Find player could crash when you changed presets that remapped the drums.
– It is no longer possible to MIDI learn the pitch wheel.
– Loading or saving Velocity Curve presets on a stack could cause a crash.
– Choosing “Select Parts” in the library.
– If ‘undo’ changed number of instruments and Edit Play Style was open, it could crash.
– A crash and a bug in text search has been fixed.
– A bug with copying notes in the grid editor has been fixed.
– Changing presets while having Song Creator open with a source loop could cause a graphical glitch.
– Right click in the time signature editor no longer deselects all other regions.
– A change of sample rate on the sound card should now get correctly handled by the standalone.
– The favorite setting (star on / off) in Grooves was not loaded properly from projects.
– Browser settings in Search for Instrument (visible columns, etc.) were not saved in projects.
– Bounce would never use processed pitch.
– Undoing stack manipulation with inactive stacks could cause a crash.
– Adding new mics or opening Search for Instrument while sounds were being loaded could cause a crash.
– It was not possible to add a groove from the track track to the user MIDI if it was an altered version of something already found in the browser.
– The graphics of Electronic and Southern Soul EZXs have been adjusted.
– Dragging a custom song block (with no file path) to Song Creator made the “Source File” unplayable and undraggable and it also incorrectly had “Show in Browser” enabled.
Fixed in Tracker :
– The playhead position in the scrollbar was not updated while playing.
– Buffer and sample rate.
– Files with the extension “.midi” can now be imported as tempo maps.
– The tempo map is now cleared when New Project is selected.
– The sample position did not get synced when.
– Find Tempo did not always work with multiple time signature changes.
– Some precision could be lost on.
– When looping, the triggered MIDI and the original sound could become unsynced.
– Selecting New Project while having the Tracker tab.
Hướng Dẫn
Đây là bản Update. Để sử dụng được phiên bản Drummer 3 bạn đã cài sẳn bộ EZ Drummer 2. Phiên bản này trống hoàn toàn không có chứa thư viện