Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 7, 2015

Vengeance Ultimate Fills

Dance Producers know that any Break Part with a long Drum/FX-Fill and the subsequent Drop-In is the one thing in any Club track that is the most time consuming to program. Hundreds of small details need to be noted, cut and edited. Enough of that: "Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol. 1" will immediately take care of it! Included are over 460 professional Drum-, Effect- and Melody-Fills all sorted in lengths (8Bars, 16Bars, 32Bars etc...) and pitch (Melody-Fills). The fills are in 2 tempi and well-structured in genres (128BPM and 140BPM / House, Electro, HandsUp, FX , Fills) and also include various versions (just snares, just FX, etc...). The possibilities are endless and every break sounds unique! All Fills have been painstakingly designed and are certain to get the masses in the clubs screaming.